Crazy tourist - A day spent searching for and collecting lost balls whilst walking to the source of a river. A collaboration with Jon Bird.


Crazy Tourist is an installation of 98 lost balls collected during an expedition from the Welsh Harp reservoir towards the source of the Dollis Brook, London, and a film that documents this made with collaborator Jon Bird.

The expedition was steered by the constraints of searching for and collecting lost balls, and this resulted in a very particular encounter with the river and its environs. The majority of time was spent foraging through overgrown undergrowth, wading through mud and filthy waters and exploring under and around bridges, sluice gates and hedgerows.

An objective was to explore how such constraints might structure and organise one’s actions so as to alter the way one walked through, perceived and was present in the landscape.

Balls were bagged and carried up stream until night fall. After several hours of travel 98 balls had been were spotted and collected, many others were no doubt missed.

The work was completed through the balls being released / scattered across the gallery floor.

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